Make Sure Your Jewish Wedding is Complete with the Perfect Ketubah

Marriage is a very pious bond. When two people dedicate their whole lives to each other and take vows to be together in sickness and health, it is nothing short of a fairytale. If you are getting married any time soon, you must have started with the preparations and bookings, haven’t you? But, did you buy ketubah? If you have forgotten about this traditional wedding ritual, then we are here to remind you of the importance of these Jewish prenuptial agreements.

As you must have already known Ketubah are agreements that are somewhat similar to what we call a prenuptial contract today. Though they hardly have any monetary value or legal forbearance, Ketubah still remain an integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremonies. And what can be better than the fact that this old tradition has not become extinct today. People use ketubah in traditional Jewish weddings and there are artists who design paper cut ketubah

If you are wondering what the use of a Ketubah is today, you should keep in mind that it is a beautiful display of traditional Jewish culture and something that connects you to your roots. Also, a Ketubah can be always kept in your house as a fond memory of the day that you and your partner entered a new phase of your life by uniting in holy matrimony. Your children will surely feel connected with the culture when they see and understand the emotional and cultural value a Ketubah holds. It is something that you can keep as a memory of what your culture is and the day of new beginnings. 

The only thing that you should be very particular about is that the Ketubah should be sourced from reliable sources. To get the best hand-made ketubah for your wedding, you should get in touch with Danny Azoulay. Danny, who is a Jerusalem based artist, can provide you with the best ketubah. And the best thing about his ketubah is that they are a perfect blend of the modern with the traditional. So, make your marriage all the more memorable with perfect hand-made ketubah on the finest quality acid-free paper that comes with a 24 karat gold leaf embellishment.

About Danny Azoulay:

Danny Azoulay is a famous ketubah artist who runs an online portal from where you can buy the best ketubahs.

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